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 Sewer System Maintenance and Operations

The Sewer System Maintenance and Operation Department (SSMO) operates and maintains the District's collection system infrastructure. The infrastructure includes pumping stations, interceptors, trunk sewers, combined sewer regulators, manholes, drop shafts, bar racks, floatable control facilities, odor control facilities, and monitoring systems.

The department is comprised of one (1) Manager, five (5) Supervisors, one (1) Administrative Assistant, eight (8) Field Technicians, eleven (11) Operator/Technicians, eight (8) Field Technician Operators, ten (10) System Utility Maintenance Persons, two (2) System Utility Maintenance Persons in Training, and two (2) Technical Support Aides. Currently, the department maintains over three hundred eighteen (318) miles of interceptor sewers, seven hundred eighteen (718) fixed-weir regulators, twenty four (24) automated regulators, twenty eight (28) precipitation gauges, sixty four (64) level-and flow-monitoring sites, ten (10) floatable control facilities, eight (8) odor control facilities, eleven (11) pump stations, three (3) green infrasturcture facilities, one hundred twenty two (122) CSO outfalls, three hundred ten (310) drop structures, and thirty (30) bar racks.

The department is also responsible for the maintenance of the District's portable gas detectors and the CSO distributed process control system. Additional duties include the inspection and management of the District's emergency repairs to the collection system, portable flow monitoring in the collection system, minor design, drafting, and operation of the Ohio Utility Protection Services program.

Manager of Sewer System Maintenance & Operation: Michael J. Zapior

Location: Environmental and Maintenance Services Center
Phone: 216-641-6000 ext. 2410