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 Analytical Services
Analytical Services is responsible for:
  • Providing the three District treatment plants with analytical results of daily wastewater samples for parameters required by the NPDES permit, Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET), 503 sludge regulations, and other operational needs.
  • Analyzing all treatment chemicals purchased by the plants to ensure the chemicals meet contract specifications.
  • Providing Water Quality and Industrial Surveillance (WQIS) analytical results of industrial samples required by the District's pretreatment program, and for surcharge and enforcement purposes.
  • Performing analysis for designated lake and river site samples.
  • Performing special analyses required by the treatment plants, Engineering, Planning, WQIS and other District departments.
Analytical Services consists of three groups: Inorganic, Instrumentation and Organic, which are dedicated to the following goals:
  • Efficiently perform, utilizing EPA approved methods, wastewater analysis to provide quality data for NPDES permit requirements; WQIS pretreatment and monitoring requirements; and additional projects supported by the District.
  • Encourage and support Analytical Services personnel in the pursuit of high quality performance by providing training and equipment.
  • Communicate and cooperate to promote good relationships within the groups, with other District departments and outside agencies to achieve common goals and objectives.
  • Follow and enforce the District's policies and procedures.
Manager of Analytical Services: Mark E. Citriglia

Location: Environmental and Maintenance Services Center
Phone: 216-641-6000 ext. 2514