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Glossary of Terms
Westerly Process Diagram
Westerly Treatment Plant

 Westerly Process
The Westerly WWTP, which discharges into Lake Erie, can provide full treatment to 70 million gallons per day (mgd). Once the Outfall Improvements project is completed, Westerly will have the capacity to provide primary treatment to an additional 30 mgd. Disinfection of the plant's effluent occurs during the warmer months of May through October.

Along with treating Westerly's average daily flow of 33 mgd, the plant processes all biosolids collected from the wastewater. The plant uses primary sedimentation and gravity thickening processes to settle out and thicken the solids prior to dewatering. The centrifugation process further dewaters the sludge prior to disposal.

Currently, the primary means of sludge disposal is incineration. The by-product (ash) is transported to an approved landfill. The dewatered sludge is also hauled to an approved landfill as an emergency backup to incineration.