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 Water Quality and Industrial Surveillance
Water Quality and Industrial Surveillance (WQIS) provides plant support through its control and oversight of approximately 185 Significant Industrial Users (SIUs), 150 Industrial Surcharges, 140 Categorical Industrial Users (CIUs), 650 general industrial users, and 550 dental offices. Additionally, WQIS provides spill response and/or mitigation to chemical products accidentally or deliberately discharged to the collection system, appropriately bills industrial users, investigates water leaks, and conducts environmental sampling and monitoring of streams and rivers and near-shore Lake Erie within the District's service area.

WQIS is responsible for complying with all National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) pretreatment requirements. By controlling industrial discharges, WQIS supports all District wastewater treatment plants in meeting their NPDES limits.

WQIS also plays a proactive role regarding pending regulatory issues such as mercury, pretreatment streamlining and Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) issues. WQIS also processes all applications for Sewer System Charge Based on Usage of the System (SSCBOUTS), Non User Status, Non Discharge Status and UST Temporary Discharge Permits.

Manager of Water Quality and Industrial Surveillance: John W. Rhoades

Location: Environmental & Maintenance Services Center
Phone: 216-641-6000 ext. 2200