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 NEORSD - Stream and River Sampling

The program includes routinely monitoring 75 sites located on 18 area streams for more than thirty physical, chemical and biological parameters. Resulting data are evaluated using applicable water quality standards.

In addition to data on pollutants and habitat, results from the program's biological surveys for fish and benthic macroinvertebrates are compiled. The types, numbers and diversity of these organisms are indicators of the health of the aquatic ecosystem and, along with bacteriological data, are among the most useful tools for characterizing water quality and identifying environmental disruptions.


Utilizing such data and information reported by other agencies and citizens, the program has initiated the remediation of hundreds of environmental disruptions on area streams. Among the sources and causes of these disruptions have been blocked and/or leaking sanitary sewers, industrial chemical spills and cross connections between sanitary and storm sewers.

The data collected have demonstrated improved stream conditions following much of the remediation. Future data collection is expected to demonstrate further environmental benefits from ongoing projects such as the District's efforts to minimize the impacts from combined sewer overflows.