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Glossary of Terms
Southerly Process Diagram
Southerly Treatment Plant

 Southerly Process
Southerly can provide complete treatment to a maximum of 400 million gallons/day (mgd), and an additional 335 mgd of storm flow can receive primary treatment only.

The Southerly plant provides treatment at an advanced level (tertiary) by utilizing a two-stage biological treatment process, effluent filtration and chlorination/dechlorination. The first stage activated sludge process is similar to the ones used at the District's Easterly and Westerly plants and at many other treatment plants throughout the world.

The second stage activated sludge process uses specialized bacteria to remove ammonia nitrogen, a chemical compound which depletes oxygen in the receiving waters. As a final step, the flow is passed through multimedia filters and is disinfected by a chlorination/dechlorination process during the warmer months of May through October.