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 Community Discharge Permit Program (CDPP): Plan Review

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of review will my project require?
The type of review that will need to be conducted depends on several factors including the size of the project, where the project is located, where the connection to the existing system is being made, and the volume of sanitary flow and stormwater to be discharged. Email your questions to CDPP@neorsd.org .

How long will it take to complete the required review?
District responses to complete review submittals are made within 15 business days of receipt. If submissions are not complete or the District requests additional information, review will take longer.

What do I need to submit to get started?
For projects requiring District review, a set of plans and information about sanitary and stormwater flows being generated by the project will need to be submitted. Click here for a summary of the review process.

What is the project size that requires review?
The project size depends on the type of review. Direct connection to NEORSD-owned infrastructure and Industrial Process Flow reviews have no minimum size. Acceptance-of-Flow (for Ohio EPA PTI Application) depend on Ohio EPA regulations. Title IV Stormwater Management in the Combined Sewer Area reviews have a half-acre minimum. Title V review is required for any size project that is subject to local stormwater regulations in the community where it is located.

Where is the combined sewer area?
The combined sewer area is the portions of the City of Cleveland and nine suburban communities that have sewer systems that carry both sanitary sewage and stormwater in the same pipe. The combined sewer area also includes separate sewer systems that outlet to the combined system. Click here for the current map.

Do you have questions about the Plan Review Program that we have not covered? We would love your feedback, please email CDPP@neorsd.org