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 NEORSD - Lake Sampling
The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is located entirely within the Lake Erie watershed. Therefore, all wastewater discharged from District facilities, whether directly or through local creeks and rivers, flows into Lake Erie. The lake is critical to the identity and vitality of the Greater Cleveland area in many ways. It is the source for most of the area's public water supply; it is the site of recreational use, including swimming and fishing, for many Greater Clevelanders; and it is a major thoroughfare for much of the area's commerce.

The Sewer District, by enhancing its wastewater collection and treatment, has played a crucial role in Lake Erie's improving water quality over recent decades. The lake's continuing protection and further improvement remain among the District's highest priorities. It is for these reasons that, since 1990, the District has had a program to monitor Lake Erie's water quality. Fifteen lake sites along the Greater Cleveland shoreline are routinely sampled for the analysis of more than thirty chemical and biological parameters. The resulting data enable the characterization and documentation of existing conditions, providing a historical perspective and alerting the District, as well as other agencies and citizens, to remaining problems.

In addition to the routine monitoring, the District has had several special lake monitoring projects. Among these are fish tissue sampling, which contributed to the State's basis for issuing safe fish consumption advice, and the ongoing daily sampling at two area beaches for bacteriological analysis, which provides the State's basis for posting safe swimming advice at these locations.