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iSupplier portal login and registration

Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 or 9

Java: Latest version

File formats: iSupplier uses Adobe Acrobat PDF, and Microsoft Word and Excel files


Common questions

"I've never done business with NEORSD before."
If your company has never done business with us, complete our New vendor registration process online.  For instructions on how to complete the supplier registration, click here for NEORSD Prospective Supplier Registration procedures.
"How do I access and use the iSupplier portal?"
Existing NEORSD vendors registered as iSupplier users can access our iSupplier Portal Login. Your user name is the same as your e-mail address. If you forget your password, simply click the "Login Assistance" link on the login page and enter your e-mail address in the "User Name" field. You will receive a temporary password and instructions on how to reset your password via e-mail. For instructions on how to use the portal, download our iSupplier Portal Training Manual for reference.
"I am a registered NEORSD vendor but have not registered for iSupplier access."
If your company has already done business with us but has not registered to use iSupplier, send us an iSupplier registration request and an iSupplier Portal Administrator will contact you.

"If my company does business for NEORSD as a Contractor, Subcontractor or Consultant, do I still need to maintain an iSupplier Portal account?"
An iSupplier Portal account is not required; however you will need to register and update your profile. We ask that you keep your e-mail, contact information and the product and services provided up-to-date so that we can contact you for opportunities. The product and services information, replaces the NAICS codes used in our old vendor registration system. For your convenience, we are converting your old NAICS codes to the new products and service equivalent. Please be sure to take a moment and verify your current information. Our Business Opportunity Program will continue to use NAICS codes for certification size standards.

"What if I am a Minority-Owned, Woman-Owned or Small Business Owner and would like to particpate in the Business Opportunity Program?"
If you are a minority-owned, woman-owned, or a small business owner and would like to apply for our Business Opportunity Program, once you have completed the vendor registration you may download and complete the Business Opportunity Program application. Visit our Business Opportunity Website or contact our Contract Compliance Office at 216-881-6600 for more information.
Contact us
Call our Purchasing department at (216) 881-6600 or email iSupplier@neorsd.org.