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Big Creek Interceptor Rehabilitation (BCI-3D)

Bryden-Farnsleigh Intercommunity Relief Sewer (BFRS)

Cuyahoga Valley Interceptor Operational Evaluation and Inspection

East 49th Street Culvert Drainage Improvements

Easterly District Interceptors Hydraulic Improvements (EDIHIC)

Easterly District Interceptors Reline & Replacement Contract (EDIRARC)

Easterly District Interceptors Service Agreement Contract (EDISAC)

Easterly Headworks Electrical Improvements (HEI-1)

Easterly Interceptor Hydraulic Improvement Contract (EIHIC)

Easterly/Southerly/Westerly/EMSC Emergency Power Improvements

Final Clarifier Modification (FCR-2)

Lake Avenue Relief Sewer (LARS)

Lee-Superior ICRS - Phase 2 (LSRS-2)

Lee-Superior ICRS -Phase 3 (LSRS-3)

Manhole Rehabilitation Contract 10 (MR-10)

Mill Creek CSO 4 - East 90th Street Relief Sewer (MCSO-4)

Mill Creek Interceptor Rehabilitation, Phase 2 (MCIR-2)

Mill Creek Tunnel Phase 3 (MCT-3)

Phase 2 Floatables Control Facilities Design (CSOFLOAT-2)

Regional Intercommunity Drainage Evaluation (RIDE) Study

Rehabilitation of Automatic Regulators (RAR-4)
S.O.M. Center Road Intercommunity Relief Sewer Contract (SOMRS)

Shaw Brook Improvement Project (SBIP)

Southerly Early Action Project 2A (SEA 2A)

Southerly Early Action Project 2B (SEA 2B)

Southerly Early Action Project 2C(SEA 2C)

Southerly Traveling Bridge Recoating (BR-3)

Southerly WWTP Outside Lighting Improvements

Southerly/Westerly District Interceptors Hydraulic Improvement Contract

Southerly/Westerly District Interceptors Relining & Replacement Contract (SWDIRARC)

Southerly/Westerly District Interceptors Services Agreement (SWDISAC)

Train Avenue Relief Sewer (TARS)

Valley Belt Gravity Sewer (VBGS)

Web Technology Services

Westerly CSOTF Expansion

Westerly Interceptor Box Culvert Repair/Replacement (WIBCR)