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 NEORSD - Dry Weather Outfall Sampling
In an effort to determine sources of environmental disruptions and make recommendations for their elimination, NEORSD investigators periodically conduct dry weather outfall sampling of area streams. During these investigations, NEORSD investigators walk the streams, searching for improper discharges of sanitary sewage to the environment.

Storm water collection systems are designed to carry flow to area streams during wet weather. Under dry weather conditions, flows to the environment that occur only as a result of precipitation are not present. By sampling only during dry weather, investigators avoid sampling acceptable discharges as well as unacceptable discharges that may have been diluted by storm water flow.

When conducting dry weather outfall sampling, investigators note the location of any conduit which is discharging flow to the environment using GPS technology. They also document the size of the discharge conduit and attempt to quantify the volume of material flowing to the environment. Samples are collected and returned to NEORSD's Analytical Services laboratory. In the lab, the samples are analyzed for fecal coliform and E. coli bacteria, as well as ammonia.

When concentrations of these parameters indicate the presence of sanitary sewage, investigators trace the discharge back to its source. Once the source of the discharge has been identified, NEORSD requests the elimination of the discharge and notifies Ohio EPA.