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Wally Waterdrop's educational resources

 Keeper of the Stream Coloring Book
A tale of clean water and community. Produced by the District, this coloring book educates and connects others on the importance of clean water in the region. It not only describes our role in the urban water cycle, but also illustrates the huge volume of water the District treats every single day. The playful and educational images in this book will help both kids and adults to understand our connection (as well as their own) to a healthy environment.

While printed copies of the book are no longer in production, we invite you to download it for viewing and printing. To download, just right click on the link, and select "Save Target As..."

Keeper of the Stream: A tale of clean water and community (11 pages, PDF)

Keeper of the Stream - Water Cycle

Keeper of the Stream - Cleveland Browns Stadium

Keeper of the Stream - Planet Earth

If you would like a District representative to speak to your group about our work, please email Community Relations Specialist Ebony Hood.

You can also watch our latest videos for more educational resources!